Our cutting-edge in-built fraud management features help businesses protect revenues while minimizing the expenses and administration related to fraud. The majority of white label payment gateways are tough to modify to accommodate individual needs. Therefore, although you are technically in control, you might not have many options to choose from in terms of how the purchasing process seems and how it works. You can collect payments online for everyone who uses your platform to construct and host their business website with a standard payment gateway.

Alongside the fraud and chargeback protection, PaySpace offers a chargeback management tool so if ever the “friendly” chargeback happens, it will be closed in client’s favor. We will summarize the key features of each company so you could choose the best option for you. Expand your business into new international markets by offering cutting-edge technology fine-tuned What is a white label payment gateway to the needs of a specific niche. Allow your customers to use their preferred checkout to optimize their shopping experience and scale it up to their expectations. Consolidated and easy-to-manipulate data management to keep you in full control over data from various payment channels. Easily export and import data across various platforms for enhanced data management.

Before we truly grasp the meaning of this term, let’s quickly recall what a payment gateway itself is. A payment gateway is a technical layer between a merchant and a customer that operates after the customer confirms a purchase on a merchant’s website or application. The gateway’s job is to encrypt their payment data and send them to the issuing bank, card network, and acquiring bank to confirm or decline payment and notify a customer about the result of his transaction. To become a regular payment gateway provider, you have to develop its software from scratch.

Mobile payment applications, digital wallets, and peer-to-peer payment platforms are rapidly gaining popularity. These businesses can leverage white label payment gateways to provide users with a secure, branded, and convenient payment experience. By integrating a white label payment gateway, mobile apps can facilitate in-app payments, peer-to-peer transfers, and seamless integration with other financial services. Whether splitting bills, making contactless payments, or sending money to friends and family, white-label payment gateways empower mobile applications to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly payment ecosystem. A white-label payment gateway can significantly benefit businesses offering subscription-based services, such as SaaS providers, membership platforms, or online content providers. By implementing a white-label solution, these businesses can automate recurring payments, manage subscription plans, and deliver a seamless billing experience to their customers.

white label payment gateway

The size of the payment processing industry is a reflection of its business value and the diversity of needs that exist—it’s not the kind of function with a one-size-fits-all solution. Allows businesses to provide their customers with flexible multiple cryptocurrency payment options that they can choose from. We monitor all white label payment gateway modules operation 24/7 and ensure the payment gateway performance in 99.99% of the time. You choose the style, design, name and domain for the white label payment processing system. Due to the modular architecture, our white label payment system is easy to scale both horizontally and vertically.

Now is the time to embrace the power of white label payment gateways and explore how they can transform your business. By partnering with a trusted provider of white label payment solutions, you can unlock new opportunities for growth and establish your brand as a leader in the ever-evolving world of payments. Invest in white label payment gateways and embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and success. One of the key advantages of white label payment gateways is the ability to provide branded solutions for partners. This means that each partner can maintain their unique brand identity while offering a seamless payment experience to their customers. This level of customization creates a win-win situation, as it fosters trust among partners and allows them to tap into each other’s customer bases.

Most payment service providers offer checkout customization through the platform’s application programming interface, or API, which can require developer experience to use. Platforms like Dwolla or WePay Clear, which are made to be white-label, may be easier to use but can have less flexibility than payment giants like Stripe. You don’t need to invest resources into development, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance and updates—the provider takes care of these aspects. This enables you to focus on your core business activities and use your resources more effectively. According to a report by Polaris Market Research, the global payment processing solutions market was valued around $74 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach more than $192 billion by 2030.

  • The cost of creating your payment gateway will be high compared to adapting to the third-party payment gateway.
  • In contrast, developing a compensation option on your own would take at least six months to start functioning.
  • We want to show readers how these solutions work and how they can help businesses stand out in the up-to-the-minute landscape.
  • Our one-stop self-serve portal that merchants can access via SSO and review transactions, handle disputes and chargebacks, run reports, review payouts and more.
  • Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions.

With a focus on timely delivery, we use our in-depth knowledge and powerful technology to ensure a delightful customer experience from day one. Now that we have covered the main benefits of a white-label payment gateway let’s move on to its drawbacks. Payspacemagazine.com is an expert resource for FinTech and e-commerce, start-ups, payment systems, online payments, traditional and alternative currencies worldwide. One-time and recurring payments get different verification scenarios for customers’ convenience.

white label payment gateway

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. The answers to these questions will help you determine whether a white-label payment gateway is the right solution for your business—and if so, which features and capabilities you should look for. The white-label software is employed and audited according to the latest security standards. The security protocols and processes are constantly enhanced to ensure that sensitive data is safe and secure against all kinds of emerging threats. Creates futuristic payment infrastructure, leveraging the blockchain attributes and doing so unites businesses and its customers in a secured ecosystem.

Meanwhile, fraud detection tools raise red flags on suspicious activity like multiple transactions in a short period, which might indicate fraudulent activities. Two-factor authentication is another advanced security feature that some white-label payment gateways provide to beef up security. With such security measures, businesses and their customers can transact with peace of mind. A brand example of a white-label payment option that provides high-level security is PayPal.

They are also built to comply with industry standards and regulations, taking this burden off your shoulders. The multi-currency crypto wallet is the highlight of PayBito’s white-label payment gateway infrastructure. It is a ready-to-use turnkey solution for businesses to help their customers connect with the brand while using the wallet to store crypto for transactions. The white label payment gateway ensures that you and your clients are protected from chargebacks. We offer a built-in 3-D secure support module, the official VISA and Mastercard protocol for card holder authentication.

When choosing a white-label payment option for an international business, consider options that support various currencies and languages. This will make cross-border transactions https://www.xcritical.in/ smoother and appeal to a worldwide audience. Integrating a payment gateway into the existing brand’s website or application can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

PayPipes brings you a technical solution to setup a payment gateway with your company brand and color for seamless customer journey regardless of the payment channel or country. It is designed for EMIs, PSPs, ISOs, VARs and others that offer payment services to their merchant customer base. The white label payment gateway enables a firm to offer a payment method for its products or services without devoting excessive time or resources to creating, testing, developing and releasing it. These tools allow businesses to gain deeper insights into their transaction data and make data-driven decisions to improve their business operations. Moreover, traditional variants often require businesses to develop their payment processing system from scratch, which can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

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